Indoor Bike Trainers

October 17th, 2013 by in On the Shop Floor, What's New

Don’t let the shorter days keep you off the bike. Getting a quality bike trainer is a great way to stay fit in the fall and winter when it’s cold, raining or dark outside.

The models that we have chosen to carry offer the best value in regard to comfort, noise, convenience and quality. This year, all of the new CycleOps trainers include a new and improved system for attaching your bike. To use these trainers you simply attach your bike to the trainer and ride. All you need to do to change the resistance is switch gears the same way you would outside.

Here’s a list of the models that we are carrying. (more…)

Niterider Cycling Lights

September 25th, 2013 by in On the Shop Floor, What's New

Bike lights are now better and more affordable than ever before with Niterider USB rechargeable cycling lights. Gone are the days of simply being visible. Now, not only are you more visible, you can also see where you are going will you ride. Safety at it’s best!