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Meet Marty Pospischil, West Point Cycles Community

Where you are at in life? i.e. work, school, etc…

Working as a real estate agent in the west side, assisting over 100 clients per year buy and sell homes.

What is your background? i.e. school, degrees

I am a professional engineer (studied at UBC) and worked at the city of Vancouver for many years before moving into organized real estate 25 years ago.

What is your favourite thing about your career?

The great people and clients we meet and get to work with on a daily basis. Everyone’s needs are different and it keeps it interesting and ever changing.

What is your biggest motivator?

Working hard for clients to support my family and spend time with family.

If you train: What does your training regiment look like?

Gym three days per week, and cycle or run training one or two days per week in preparation for events.

If you race: Longest/favourite race?

The Gran Fondo Ride to Whistler. By far the best scenery in beautiful BC and a great challenge!

Favourite hobbies?

Cycling, running, and spending time with family and friends.

Biggest fear?

Not sure!

Favourite book?

Recently I have been reading The Power of Now.

Favourite animal?

Bears - such a cool BC animal!

Thing that makes you laugh the most?

The small things that happen ever day!

Coolest place you visited, or dream place to visit/ live?.

Going to do a great family holiday to Greece this summer we have always wanted to do.

Favourite local restaurant?

That is a tough one! I think we eat the most overall at Terra V burger in Kits for a healthy vegan lunch on the go!

One thing you'll never do again?

Live anywhere but Vancouver! 

Meet Brendan Naef, our Events Coordinators 

Where you are at in life? i.e. Phd student studying...

Trying hard to wrap up a Ph.D. in Law at UBC, working, training…still trying to get faster in the pool, on the bike, and running.

What does your training regiment look like?

These days, whatever I can fit in, wherever. A lot of indoor trainer work and slowly nursing a hamstring back to health. A lot of Bikram Yoga at the moment.

Favourite hobbies?

Can Klondike Solitaire be considered a hobby?

Longest race?

Grand Columbian Super Tri. An awesome race in Washington state - unfortunately it no longer exists. 5km Swim, 200km Bike, 54 Km Run. It was a "fun" grassroots event with few competitors. A long and lonely day with the start of the race as the sun came up over the mountain and the finish in the dark under a laser light show at the Grand Coulee damn. Won't forget that one!

When you grow up what do you want to be?

Wingsuit jumper, paraglider, Ultraman finisher, pilot, non-basement apartment dwelling person, humanitarian law delegate, Tesla driver, bike-hotel owner, and debt free. Or what I am now.

What is your biggest motivator?

Results. Maybe a bit of envy.

What is your favourite thing about your career?

Not certain what my career really is, though I'd say the variety (instability) and the uniqueness (foolishness) are my favorite things (aversions) about it.

Biggest fear?

Letting down friends and family, needles at the dentist.

Favourite book?

Word Nerd by Susin Nielsen.

Thing that makes you laugh the most?

Awkward public moments.

Coolest place you visited or dream place to visit/live?

Geltenhütte near Gstaad in Switzerland. Spectacular water falls that evaporate mid-air, massive snow-capped peaks, glaciers, mountain goats, cows with massive bells, rösti, beer, and the occasional alp horn. It's basically stepping into fantasy.

Favourite local restaurant?

7/11 (Potato wedges and lattes for 1$!!!)

One thing you'll never do again?

Overindulge in Slivovitz at a Serbian wedding.  : (

Favourite animal?

Ah! Easiest questions last! Cats rule. Big and small.


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