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Race Wheel Rentals

Get set for your Triathlon, Race or Gran Fondo rides.

West Point Cycles offers carbon race wheel set rentals so you can get to the finish line faster and easier. Bontrager is synonymous with speed and winning. With aerodynamic rim shapes Bontrager Aeolus wheels allow the airflow to pass easily across the wheel causing less drag on the bike which means a faster speed for the cyclist at a lower energy output.

Rent a wheel set for your Triathlon race or for the next Gran Fondo to benefit from the advanced lightweight properties of the Bontrager Aeolus 5 wheels. One of the great benefits is the unreal ride quality of a carbon wheel that provides a smooth ride experience.

Race Wheel Rentals from West Point Cycles

 Rental Prices + Fees*


$150 weekend rental pick up Friday, return Monday
$200 weekly rental 7 day rental, pick up between Monday and Friday
$250 week+ rental dates spanning 2 weekends, pick up between Monday and Friday
*Late Fee $50 late fee charged each day rental is late

What’s Included

The use of Bontrager Aeolus 5 carbon clincher race wheels for the duration of your rental as well as the installation of the race wheels and the installation of your normal wheels upon the conclusion of your rental.

What You Need to Provide

The wheels do not come with a cassette, tubes, tires, or brake pads. As such you will either need to provide tubes and tires for the wheels or we can use the ones off your normal wheels. We will use your current cassette to ensure that it functions well with the other components of your drivetrain. As these wheels have a carbon braking surface they must be used with the compatible Bontrager cork brake pads. Bontrager cork brake pads are the only brake pads approved for use on Bontrager Carbon wheels and are available for purchase with your rental.

Pick Up/ Drop Off Details

You will need to leave your bike with us for a 3hr window on the first day of your rental so we can install the wheels and ensure they are working properly. As such the latest you can drop your bike off to have the wheels installed is 3pm. Once they are installed and ready to go we will notify you and you can pick up your bike. We will hold onto your normal wheels during your rental period.

On the last day of your rental you need to drop your bike off at the shop by 3pm and leave it with us for a 3hour window to remove the race wheels and ensure your normal wheels are working properly.

Fine Print

Upon the time of your booking a $50 deposit will be taken to secure your booking. This can be done over the phone or in person.

When you pick up the race wheels we will take a credit card imprint and hold until the wheels are returned. If you require any parts such as tubes or brake pads these will need to be paid for before the wheels are installed on your bike. You will also have time to sign off on the condition of the wheels and we will make note of any scratches or damage to the wheels before they leave the shop in your possession. You will be charged for your rental upon the return of the wheels and your $50 deposit will be applied to the rental at this time.

*A $50 late fee will be applied if the rental is not returned on the day it is due, and charged for every day the rental is late. West Point Cycles schedules reservations of our rentals for our customers, any rental that is returned late affects not only us but our customers as well. Please return your rental on the date it is due, otherwise late fees will be applied.

Should the wheels come back with more damage than they left with there will be a repair charge assessed to you. Use of any brake pads besides Bontrager cork brake pads voids your rental agreement.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at 604-224-3536.

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