Wetsuit Rentals

Wetsuit Rentals

Main St. Location Only

Have you signed up for your first Triathlon? Doing an open water swim? Looking to try a wetsuit before you purchase? Rent a wetsuit from West Point Cycles.

Advanced reservation is suggested to guarantee a wetsuit for your event - a $25 deposit will reserve the wetsuit you need for the dates you need. We recommend coming into our Main St. store ahead of your event to try on the rental wetsuit and confirm sizing. Sizing guides for wetsuits are provided below, please refer to these as a starting point for finding your size.

 Rental Prices + Fees*


$50 daily rentalovernight rental, returned before close the next day
$80 weekend rentalpick up Friday, return before close Tuesday (Main St. CLOSED Mondays)
$130 weekly rental7 day rental period
$175 2-weekend rentalincluding 2 weekends - pick up Friday, return before close on the Tuesday following 2nd weekend (Main St. CLOSED Mondays)

*Fees - if applicable

$10 cleaning fee, $10 lost gloves fee, $20 repair fee, $50 late fee charged each day late

West Point Cycles staff and the wetsuit rentee will check over the condition of the wetsuit before it is rented. When renting wetsuits a current photo ID and credit card are required for a security deposit. A pre-authorization of the cost of the wetsuit is taken on the credit card and held until the wetsuit is returned to West Point Cycles. Full payment is made when the wetsuit is dropped off after the event. Please wash the suit with regular tap or shower water and hang inside out to dry. The wetsuit is the responsibility of the person renting the wetsuit. West Point Cycles schedules reservations of our rentals for our customers, any rental that is returned late affects not only us but our customers as well. Please return your rental on the date it is due, otherwise late fees will be applied.

*Fees - if applicable:

$10 cleaning fee - will be applied if the rental wetsuit is returned without being rinsed clean.
$10 lost gloves fee - gloves are included with rentals to protect the wetsuit, fee will be applied if not returned.
$20 repair fee - will be applied if the rental wetsuit is returned torn.
$50 late fee - will be applied if the rental is not returned on the day it is due, and charged for every day it is late.

If you decide to purchase a wetsuit after renting it, the $50 daily rental fee will be applied to the purchase of your new wetsuit within 30 days.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email at mainst@westpointcycles.com or by phone at 604-559-9944.


Men's ZOOT Wetsuits
(If you are close to the upper end of the weight range, size yourself up)
x-small5'3-5'9 in / 160-175 cm35-37 in / 89-94 cm115-140 lbs / 52-64 kg
small5'5-5'11 in / 165-180 cm37-39 in / 94-99 cm130-155 lbs / 59-70 kg
small tall5'9-6'1 in / 175-185 cm37-39 in / 94-99 cm140-170 lbs / 64-77 kg
medium5'8-6'2 in / 173-188 cm39-41.5 in / 99-105 cm150-180 lbs / 68-82 kg
medium tall5'11-6'4 in / 180-193 cm39-41.5 in / 99-105 cm160-190 lbs / 73-86 kg
large5'9-6'4 in / 175-193 cm41.5-44 in / 105-112 cm180-215 lbs / 82-98 kg
x-large5'10-6'4 in / 178-193cm44-46.5 in / 112-118cm200-235 lbs / 91-107 kg
xx-large5'11-6'6+ in / 180-198+ cm46.5-48+" / 118-122+ cm220-260 lbs / 100-118 kg


Women's ZOOT Wetsuits
(If you are close to the upper end of the weight range, size yourself up)
x-small4'10-5'2 in / 147-158 cm28-32 in / 71-81 cm90-110 lbs / 41-50 kg
small5'1-5'6 in / 155-168 cm30-34 in / 76-86 cm100-120 lbs / 45-55 kg
small-tall5'5-5'10 in / 165-178 cm30-34 in / 76-86 cm105-130 lbs / 48-59 kg
medium5'3-5'9 in / 160-175 cm33-36 in / 84-91 cm115-140 lbs / 52-64 kg
large5'5-5'11 in / 140-180 cm35-39 in / 89-99 cm135-165 lbs / 61-75 kg
x-large5'6-6'0 in / 168-183 cm38-42 in / 97-107 cm160-190 lbs / 73-86 kg