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This elegant Bike Cover With Integrated Pouch neatly tucks your Brompton away when not in use. It does more than the obvious; it allows for discrete traveling and stowing when you are busy getting on with your day. Pack your Brompton away neatly when you are in a work meeting, on public transport, getting dinner in a restaurant, or having coffee. Then, when you are ready to go, the two-way zip allows easy and fast access. This convenient cover packs down small into a hardly noticeable pouch that attaches to your saddle. It's a brilliant fit for all Brompton bikes, even electric, as it has an elastic hem for a flexible and secure fit. It not only provides discretion but protection too. Create a lifelong travel companion with the Brompton and give it the TLC it needs to see many journeys through for years to come by covering it up when the wheels aren't rolling. If you look after your Brompton, it will look after you, and the best way of doing that is by providing it with the protection it needs and somewhere to rest until your next ride. - Weight: From 0.22 kg - Color: Black - Main Material: 100% Nylon - Compatibility: ACP + All Electric - Dimensions: w35 x h20 x d25 CM - Fitting: The cover is shaped so it fits without slack
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