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Unlike a traditional derailleur system, the Brompton Hub Gear houses all of your bike's gears inside the alloy hub shell. A Gear Hub keeps your gears protected from the elements so they're less likely to become damaged over time from dirt and water, making them long-lasting and low-maintenance. Our Brompton Hub Gear Indicator Chain Sturmey pulls the internal hub gear to force a gear change so you can gain control of your pedal speed and efficiency. This Indicator Chain Sturmey in gold makes gear shifting easy and smooth and can be done while stationary on your Brompton. It’s compatible with all 3-speed (A-Line and C-Line) Bromptons, ideal for commuters, leisurely riders, or city explorers. For a smooth gear shift in a neat and tidy gear hub, with more protection, longer-lasting, and low-maintenance parts, choose our Brompton Hub Gear Indicator Chaim Sturmey- Alloy Shell.
Award-winning companion The Brompton Bike Repair Toolkit contains everything you need to fix a puncture and make running repairs and adjustments to your bike. It fits discretely within the front frame tube such that, when the bike is in use, the toolkit is fully enclosed and safe within the frame. Specification Includes Tyre levers with 8mm and 10mm spanners, 15mm spanner with ratchet driver, Pozi and flat screwdriver bit, Puncture repair patches, Sandpaper, 2.5mm and 5mm hex bit, 3mm and 4mm hex bit, 2mm and 6mm hex bit Weight 180 grams (approx.) Fitting Fits inside the front frame tube in a neat, enclosed package Note The Toolkit is not compatible with bikes built prior to 2004, as these have a shorter wheelbase than current bikes
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