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Assos Mille GT Ultraz Winter Jacket Evo
$400.00 $450.00 11% Off
The ultimate solution for the harshest winter conditions. Our all-new Ultraz EVO is armed with an arsenal of our most protective NEOS textiles to keep your body as warm, dry, and shielded as possible in the most demanding weather. BEHIND THE PRODUCT By strategically applying three “weights” of NEOS softshell textiles to the Ultraz, we’ve ensured you get the right amount of protection where you need it, while simultaneously maintaining breathability and increasing weight-savings throughout. The position our bodies take on the bike—combined with the intended riding conditions—inform these material selections, knowing that deep-winter riding calls for absolute attention to detail in how your apparel fits and functions.
Assos Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9
The definitive bib shorts for competitive, committed cyclists from the company that originally defined the racing shorts genre—and continues to lead in driving it forward. It’s only fitting that the latest generation of ASSOS inserts—the most advanced available from any manufacturer—is partnered with bib shorts completely re-engineered, with no design choice taken for granted or left unquestioned. The resulting bib shorts are atypically advanced—which makes them typically ASSOS. The shorts combine textiles and technology in an interwoven network of wrapping compression, silky comfort, and tensile pre-load to keep everything from the leg panels to the insert securely in place. It’s taken six years of in-house development and testing by WorldTour riders, but the EQUIPE RS S9 Bib Shorts are the definitive statement in cycling shorts from the cycling shorts company. The finer details FEATURED FABRICS Type.441 is a gently compressive, silky smooth material that feels more abrasion-resistant than your typical bib short material because it is. It also actively cools while protecting against UV rays and resisting odor. CONSTRUCTION/FIT A-Lock Engineering is our S9 racingFit realized for bib shorts. Every fabric panel, strap, and stitch is engineered for stability and confident comfort. ASSOS shorts are legendary; this fit design is why. ENGINEERING Butterfly Pattern: The main textile panel wraps the lower back and legs, reducing seams and providing a more uniform compression across the shorts’ body. Carbon Xbib: An A-frame bib that limits vertical stretch in the rear, ensuring a confident fit and stabilizing the chamois and main body panel. Ultralight Leg Grippers: The leg bands feature a silicone treatment woven through the bands themselves, creating a secure hold without restriction or lumpy transitional ridges. INSERT EQUIPE RS Insert: Antibacterial microfiber booster top sheet in 3D basalt colorway. Pays homage to the lava stone that gives us strength, stability, and courage. goldenGate: A stitching pattern that anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, allowing the insert to move with your body rather than against it. superAir microShock foam: A light, shock-absorbing foam that springs back to its original shape, filling the gaps that open and close between body and insert during the pedal stroke. kraterCooler: Perforations in the insert’s leading edge that draw air across the insert to maintain cooling breathability on hot summer days.
Assos Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9 Targa
Assos' flagship WorldTour bib shorts for racing, dedicated training, and cyclists who appreciate how meticulous engineering and refined equipment can help athletes achieve higher performance. BEHIND THE PRODUCT The “TARGA” classification indicates a foundational redesign of our EQUIPE RS S9 platform. The reengineering process increased performance and comfort, shed unnecessary bulk and grams, and decreased drying time—which ensures perspiration doesn’t add mid-ride weight by lingering in textiles. We also incorporated a panel of Ossidia material across the lower abdomen, adding stretch to better accommodate aggressive bike positions, expand with deep breathing during hard efforts, and relieve pressure for taller cyclists seeking an aerodynamic, second-skin fit. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW THE FINER DETAILS FEATURED FABRICS Type.441 is a gently compressive, silky smooth material that feels more abrasion-resistant than your typical bib short material because it is. It also actively cools while protecting against UV rays and resisting odor. Ossidia is a high-stretch material that enhances breathability while strategically relieving pressure on sensitive areas. CONSTRUCTION/FIT Our AEPD racingFit realized for bib shorts with our standard leg length. Every fabric panel, strap, and stitch is engineered for stability, comfort, and second-skin performance. ASSOS shorts are legendary; this fit design is why. A-LOCK ENGINEERING External rollBar bib straps lock the insert in place, boosting stability while cornering, climbing, and sprinting. OSSIDIA Second-skin aerodynamics and race-tuned compression with strategic pressure relief on sensitive areas. TYPE.441 Proprietary textile wraps large muscles with a fatigue-reducing compressive hold. SUPERLIGHT LEG GRIPPERS Lightweight, aerodynamic security without restriction or transitional ridges between body and shorts.
Assos Dyora RS Summer Bib Shorts S9
Competitive bib shorts that combine our most advanced S9 platform—developed with years of research and WorldTour feedback—with a female-specific design. Durable enough for daily use; engineered specifically for racing.
Assos RS.SturmPrinz Evo Rain Jacket
$310.00 $619.99 50% Off
A versatile, feature-rich cycling rain jacket that delivers durable performance in the worst weather. The original and fantastic Assos sturmPrinz now has added reflective strips and piping to make you visible during inclement weather and low light conditions. All else stays the same and like the original design, unique and custom fabrics were developed and brought to market to make this creation possible. It is the finest rain and inclement weather jacket/shell ever made and is clearly in a class of its own. As with all other Assos products, you get a combination of proper fit and climate/weather specific fabrics to make the garment perfect for intended use. Assos engineers and designers spent many long hours in the lab developing a material that is waterproof but actually breathes well. Beyond the breathable membrane, added venting helps keep the body cool and perspiration free. And that is the essence of the sturmPrinz Evo, keep the body dry and vented while in riding in a water barrier. This magical membrane Assos developed is named Triton and two different forms of it are used in the jacket. The front receives the most water proof and least breathable for the ultimate protection from oncoming weather. The rear gets a lighter and more breathable version of the same material. Careful attention was paid to side and back ventilation to keep the body cool during efforts while still retaining a protection from the elements. The rear pocket of the shell can be accessed through Pocket Slots. These slots keep the shell water proof while also allowing accessibility. Elastic shoulder inserts allow for added freedom of movement. Now the sturmPrinz Evo is designed to be the ultimate rain and inclement weather jacket, however, in the process Assos may have also created the ultimate wind, semi-cold weather jacket as well. You will likely find yourself grabbing it for all types of weather conditions. The windproof capacity and lightweight fabrics lend themselves to many layering options for many different temperature zones. With 25 pattern pieces, 7 different textiles and 13 components, this is a highly engineered product. Yet with all this technology, it remains a simple piece to use, void of useless creature comforts and unnecessary features. With proper care, this garment will last you many, many seasons. Features: - Water proof and highly breathable cycling race cut jacket - Reflective strips and piping - Elastic shoulder inserts - Ventilated upper rear panel - Taped seams - Pocket slots on the lower rear panel - Revolutionary and magical Triton fabric - Rear panel emergency pocket - Race AEPD anatomic fit - Beautiful color and finish - Good for both wet and plain cold weather
Assos Cento EVO Bib Shorts
$300.00 $429.00 30% Off
The evolution of our iconic long-distance bib shorts, offering the smoothest transition possible between the body and fabric for improved comfort over the long haul. BEHIND THE PRODUCT CENTO is synonymous with long-distance comfort, and we’ve engineered this latest iteration to advance that sentiment one step further. We began with the same proprietary fabric, which features two different rates of four-way stretch and delivers a compressive hold for a smooth supportive wrap along the thighs. As with the original CENTO, we made the fit a touch more generous around the lower abdominals for endurance rides, and we added a tape-reinforced waist to ensure a smooth and comfortable hold on a variety of body types. For dependable comfort, support, and performance on every ride, we’ve given you 10mm of plush memory foam encased in a black insert. Men's Bib Shorts - Type.439 Diadema: a textile design to meet our demands for performance, comfort and durability - CENTO S7 EVO chamois: with the proven 10 mm "memory foam", this chamois achieves the optimum between comfort and performance - 3D Waffle: A patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight - goldengate: a patented technology that interrupts the stitching along both side panels of the chamois, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive area - kukuPenthouse: a soft, brushed microfibre layer added to the front part of the chamois that supports the male anatomy, eliminates pressure and increases ventilation - Y7 Frame Carrier Bib Tech: Wide, Flexible Braces - Ultra-light leg grippers: The end of the legs have a woven silicone edge, which keeps the pants in place without applying too much pressure or pinching - Reflective bands: placed on the back of legs for extra visibility - regularFit: Designed for maximum comfort in the riding position, with a wider fit than the racing fit.
Assos XC Bib Shorts
Mountain bikers need clothing solutions too, so we set about extending our premium, mountain bike-specific OFFROAD collection. Our apparel engineering team were tasked with the challenge of creating a breathable yet durable short that has signature ASSOS performance yet doesn’t break the bank. The result of their hard work is these XC-specific bib shorts, for which we just can’t find enough superlatives. Employing the ripstop, high abrasion resistant and breathable dyneRope fabric (which is stronger than steel), these shorts have been put through their paces by the BMC MTB Racing Team’s best riders. And with such stringent world class testers giving their approval, it’s clear that the pedigree of these shorts has already been confirmed. The result is a tough, lightweight and highly breathable pair of shorts that are perfect for the toughest XC trails. According to the team, the dyneRope on the outside of the legs wicks sweat like no other, delivering a seriously world-class performance that saw the riders sweep the team standings at the 2017 UCI MTB World Cup series. But no matter how hard you’re pushing while riding off-road, there’s always a need for superior ASSOS comfort in the saddle so we’ve opted for our opulent MTB-specific insert. Placed a little further forward than its road counterpart, it is tuned for the steepest climbs and sickest flow trails with memory foam. From the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup to your home trails, it’s time to hit the dirt.
Assos Mille GTS Bib Shorts C2
Introducing the next generation of MILLE bib shorts—building on the iconic GT Total Comfort formula with a double-layer insert and more responsive, compressive textile. Why we made it GTS marks the introduction of the second generation of MILLE—an all-new bib short that builds on the iconic GT shorts’ Total Comfort formula with its plush double-layer insert, fatigue-reducing textile, and revamped fit. We’ve engineered it for committed riders looking for added comfort during training to everyday riders seeking maximum long-distance support.
Assos Mille GT Knickers
A lightly insulated knicker engineered for cool conditions and long-distance comfort, featuring extended knee coverage and stormproof textiles. BEHIND THE PRODUCT Ideal for those cool fall and spring rides where added knee coverage and a touch of insulation make all the difference, we crafted the Spring Fall Knickers to meet the demands of these variable conditions. The fit lines up with our regularFit design, which means they’re lightly compressive where they need to be without being as tight as our racingFit design. To underscore that aspect, we’ve pre-shaped and sewn the fabric panels to fully wrap and support the upper leg muscles, knees, and calves while in motion.
Assos Uma GT Winter Jacket
$251.00 $359.00 30% Off
A winter jacket engineered for complete protection—from late fall through winter with an insulating design that's breathable, water-resistant, and 100% windproof. BEHIND THE PRODUCT The UMA GT Winter Jacket is designed to meet the needs of those who require protection from cold winds and precipitation during the winter months. We designed the jacket with a multi-fabric construction that strikes that delicate balance between breathability, protection, and insulation across changeable cold and wet conditions.
Assos H.LaalalaiShorts_S7 Women's Shorts
Flawless comfort and perfection in performance are basic requirements with Assos cycling clothing. This is highlighted in the H.laalalai s7 cycling short. These carefully designed women's shorts are precisely crafted to fit the body of the female rider and move in sync with her body throughout the ride. The Assos regularFit is a body mapped performance fit that is a little less aggressive than their racingFit. The Lady_s7 insert features a high tech chamois pad with 8mm thick memory foam that is perfectly shaped for the female body, and is stitched in their patented goldenGate design to allow three-dimensional movement. The result; no chafing, no rubbing. Half leg flat grippers keep the shorts in place comfortably without that dreaded skin bunching, and the soft stretchy waistband hugs with comfort and wont bind inward when you're in the forward riding position. The Type 439 material offers comfortable compression that is smooth and supportive, and reflects sunlight to reduce heat absorption. These shorts strike the perfect balance between performance and comfort. Features: s7 generation: Technology and fabrics engineered over a 5 year period regularFit: A body mapped performance fit that is a little less aggressive than a racingFit. Type.439 Diadema: Unique within the industry, the weave has two different rates of 4-way stretch, which maximize the elasticity of the fabric, for maximum comfort and durability that resists wear and transparency over time. aeroPatterningFenomeno1 design: From the fastest skinsuit at the 2012 Olympics, this design involves crafting the garment with a single seam that sits on the rear of your legs causing the main fabric of the shorts to wrap around your thighs, providing a unique level of comfort and compression. aeroFit: A soft warp knit fabric used here on the front hem which has great ventilation properties half-leg flat grippers: Ultra minimal segments of grippers with an optimally calibrated stretch return for security without discomfort. Lady_S7 insert: High tech chamois pad with 8mm of memory foam, perfectly shaped for the female body. ASSOS waffle: The patented three layer foam used in ASSOS inserts with perforations that make it light and highly breathable. ASSOS superAir: A development of the ASSOS waffle technology for even greater breathability and lower weight. ASSOS goldenGate: A patented technology which augments the performance of the chamois by allowing the most fluent movement with the body. Rather than being stitched all the way around, it's only partially stitched, which allows the chamois to move in a three-dimensional way. odorControl: An anti-bacterial treatment that reduces unpleasant odors and improves durability. iceColor: A fabric treatment that reflects sunlight and thus reduces heat absorption to keep muscles cooler. Specifications: Gender: Women Inseam: - Fabric: Type 439 Diadema Chamois: Lady S7 Visibility: Reflective Color: Black
Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts
The next generation in committed riders' bib shorts of choice, defined by its frictionless waist, refined air-cooling insert, and muscle-wrapping textile. We took this generational redesign as an opportunity to make the MILLE GT better at the things we loved about its predecessor, including our premium X-frame suspension carriage, a refined comfort waist fit, and a reduction in seams and weight (28% and 5g, respectively). The insert also got some attention, inheriting the increased ventilation of our GTS/GTO models and receiving 3mm of additional cushioning. We also updated the Odor Control Top Sheet Tex to the Sugar Blue colorway. Type.429 is flexible enough for a streamlined fit; breathable enough for the heights of summer; compressive enough to respond to and support your body; and substantial enough to resist the abuse of countless kilometers. A true daily workhorse. C2 AEPD regularFit is based on our performance race models but tuned for comfort with a more forgiving Zero-Pressure waist. Streamlined performance for all-day cycling with our standard leg length.
Assos sV.blitzFeder_evo7 Shell Vest
Ultra-light, ultra-compact shell vest. Wear it whenever you need light protection or insulation against the elements. Ultra-light, ultra-compact shell vest. Wear it whenever you need light protection or insulation against the elements. For example, from wind, light rain showers or chill. Perfect for spring, summer and fall changeable weather condition and when you need light protection from wind, light rain showers or changeable temperatures.
Assos Mille GT Half Shorts
Assos Mille GT Half Shorts bring total comfort to every ride, courtesy of their smooth-wrap waistband, soft textiles, and proven insert design. Short rides, big rides, indoor training, and everything in between—the MILLE GT Half Shorts are willing and able. To live up to their reputation of providing long-distance comfort, they have been treated with their proven Type.429 Titanio material, which is a lightly compressive textile with high elasticity, ensuring a comfortable and consistent hold on your legs while pedaling. The insert is Assos's plush MILLE EVO, equipped with 8mm of memory foam, a black 3D waffle topsheet, and now updated with our kraterCooler system to boost breathability. The make or break point of any bib-less short comes down to the waistband design, and the MILLE delivers. They applied the breathable, supersoft Aerofit material at the front, using a fold-over construction that comfortably holds the shorts in place across the abdominals. At the rear section, the tall elastic hem mirrors the superFlat grippers at the lower legs, adding a secure, stay-put fit. In terms of colorways, the rich caleumBlue now complements the blackSeries, giving you a few more options to pair with your additional layers. Features: - Type.429 Titanio: A comfortable, lightly compressive textile, engineered with expertise that uses a 4-way stretch to maximize the elasticity of the fabric. - Aerofit: An ultrasoft warp-knit applied to the waist, woven with an open structure for maximum ventilation and featuring high elasticity plus built-in odorControl. - MILLE S7 EVO: The MILLE elastic interface insert, evolved. New black colorway, and our proven 8mm of memory foam, this insert is nestled at the intersection between comfort and performance. - kraterCooler: System of small holes in the front of the insert that increases airflow so that your sensitive areas are kept cooler. - 3D waffle: A patented, three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight. - goldenGate: A patented technology that interrupts the stitching along both of the insert’s side panels, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area. - superFlat grippers: Ultra minimal grippers with optimal stretch return to secure the shorts in place without any excessive pressure. - 2L Waist: Fold-over front panel design creates a smooth, pressure-free transition between the body and fabric. - Reflective Accents: Small strips placed on the backs of the legs for added visibility. - regularFit: Optimized for total comfort in the riding position, with a more relaxed cut than our second skin racingFit. Specifications: - Gender: Men - Fabric: Type 429 Titanio - Chamois: Mille S7 Evo - Visibility: Reflectivity - Color: Black
Assos Trail Cargo Shorts
$170.00 - $189.00
The Trail Cargo Shorts take the concept of adaptable, all-mountain shorts to a new realm, made possible by streamlined tailoring and progressive materials. They've been developed with a waistband that smoothly holds the shorts in place, a cut that's trim around the crotch to avoid saddle snag, a length that's ideal with or without pads, and a versatile new fabric that flexes with each pedal stroke.
Assos Trail Women's Cargo Shorts
Combine these Cargo Shorts with the Trail Women's Liner Shorts for all-mountain coverage, unrestricted comfort, and lasting support. Adaptable, all-mountain shorts have reached new heights, courtesy of a female-specific cut and progressive materials. The Trail Women's Cargo Shorts have been developed with a waistband that smoothly holds the shorts in place, a cut that's trim at the tops of the legs to avoid saddle snag, a length that's ideal with or without pads, and a versatile new fabric that flexes with each pedal stroke.
Assos Mille GT Half Shorts C2
A bib-free training and endurance cycling short that's at home on the road or aboard the indoor trainer. Bibs aren't for everyone, but their absence compounds the difficulty of dialing the perfect ride-tuned fit. The bib-free Zero-Pressure waist embodies our C2 AEPD click-fit ethos with a secure hold on the sides and back, and a panel insert on the front stretches to accommodate aggressive positioning on the bike and deep breathing during hard efforts. The updated insert inherited increased ventilation from our premium models, and 3mm of additional thickness increase long-ride comfort. Type.429 is flexible enough for a streamlined fit; breathable enough for the heights of summer; compressive enough to respond to and support your body; and substantial enough to resist the abuse of countless kilometers. A true daily workhorse. C2 AEPD regularFit is based on our performance race models but tuned for comfort with a more forgiving Zero-Pressure waist. Streamlined performance for all-day cycling with our standard leg length.
Assos Uma GT Half Shorts C2 Long
Bib-free shorts engineered for utility and all-day comfort. Built for base miles and endurance epics, whether they’re on the road or the indoor trainer. BEHIND THE PRODUCT The absence of bib straps compounds the difficulty of dialing the perfect ride-tuned fit. To address that, we reimagined the waistband with a stabilizing elastic layer that anchors the fit and an additional top band of mesh that extends coverage, independent of the elastic band, for comfort, moisture management, and to eliminate gaps between shorts and jersey while in the saddle. The updated insert features increased ventilation, a reduced footprint, and a new Odor Control Top Sheet Tex in Sugar Blue. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW THE FINER DETAILS FEATURED FABRICS Type.429 is flexible enough for a streamlined fit; breathable enough for the heights of summer; compressive enough to respond to and support your body; and substantial enough to resist the abuse of countless kilometers. A true daily workhorse. CONSTRUCTION/FIT C2 AEPD regularFit is based on our performance race models but tuned for comfort with a more accommodating waist. The Short variant has shorter legs than our UMA GT Bib Shorts. The Long variant is 5cm longer at the leg with a higher rise at the waist. ENGINEERING Ultralight Leg Grippers: 4,5cm elastane band naturally grips the thigh without silicone treatment to deliver a smooth, ultralight hold. UMA GT C2 Shock-Absorb Damping Mono: Compressive foam layers in an 9mm endurance platform. Thermoformed shaping reduces ridges and irritation. goldenGate: The stitching pattern anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, allowing the chamois to move with your body rather than against it. 3D Waffle: A patented, three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
Assos UMA GT Women's Shorts
Experts in making shorts, Assos have spent more than 40 years in the pursuit of excellence, constantly rethinking their products in order to continue racing at the forefront of the cycling clothing industry. The Assos UMA GT summer shorts are Assos ' flagship of the technology and fabrics used for the S7 generation of clothing. Its price makes it the perfect accessory, whether it's your first competition, everyday use or the ultimate race. These UMA GT shorts without shorts for women are ideal for outings in good weather. Made in Assos' exclusive Type.439 Diadema fabric, it will give you superior elasticity, free you from sweat and adjust to your body. The meticulously crafted cut of these UMA GT shorts without bib guarantees a smooth fit, to swallow up the miles in summer or during indoor winter training, thanks to the ultra-stretch aeroFit material placed on the abdomen. In addition, the UMA insert represents the excellence of the brand: light, allowing the skin to breathe, it is perfectly cut to fit the shape of the body thanks to goldenGate technology. Trust the subject matter experts. Features: Type.439 Diadema: textile designed in partnership with our suppliers in order to obtain the levels of performance, comfort and resistance required. This material, unique within the industry given the expertise with which it was crafted, has been woven using two different levels of four-way stretch to maximize the elasticity of the fabric on the table. cutting. UMA insert: with a more fitted cut on the front to reduce bulk and improve comfort, this insert has been specially designed for women. Based on technology from the S7 generation of Assos products, it is enhanced with 8 mm thick memory foam for greater comfort. regularFit designed for women: a fit modeled on the shapes of the body to deliver performance in a less aggressive way than our racingFit fit. This is the best compromise; where speed meets comfort. iceColor: fabric treatment that reflects the sun's rays and thus reduces heat absorption to keep your muscles cool. aeroFit: luxurious run-resistant fabric lined in the legs and abdominal area to create a structure that allows better ventilation, better fit and maximum comfort for complete freedom of movement whether you are in the saddle or not. goldenGate Assos: patented technology that increases the performance of the insert tenfold by allowing greater fluidity of movement. Assos waffle textile: unique triple layer foam in the insert, embellished with perforations to make it light and let the skin breathe. odorControl: antibacterial treatment that reduces odors and improves fabric resistance.
Assos MILLE GT Clima Jacket
$159.00 $259.00 39% Off
Assos' Men's MILLE GT Clima Jacket offers water-repellent and windproof protection thanks to Assos' lightweight, packable NoFrost fabric. For easy access to jersey pockets underneath, this jacket has ventilation-enhancing pocket slots. Sens Classic Tex, a lightweight, super-stretch material, is used to create comfortable side panels that allow freedom of movement. DWR treatment adds another layer of protection against rain and road spray. Features & Specs: - Windproof & water-repellent NoFrost fabric - Sens Classic Tex super-stretch side panels - Body-mapped performance fit - Lightweight & packable - Full-length front zip - Comfort-enhancing double layered collar - Insulated yet breathable
Assos Mille GT SS Jersey C2
MILLE 2.0, back with a more comfortable raw-cut sleeve construction, lighter fabrics, and its classic regular fit—your new staple for everyday training to long-distance weekend rides. Why we made it Since its debut, the MILLE has been a kit staple for countless riders due to its classic fit, comfortable textiles, and unmistakable ASSOS style. We took note of what made this jersey click with so many riders—from pros who train in it to casual weekend riders—and gave it a few refinements so it feels and performs even better.
Assos Tiburu Gilet Laalalai
$139.00 $289.00 52% Off
A premium gilet for the exacting female rider. Until the launch of this tiburuGilet Laalalai women’s cycling vest one could argue that ASSOS haven’t catered for the entire cycling arsenal of female riders, but this proves we’re continuing to make major inroads. With a female-tuned cut and signature ASSOS high performance design, this insulating gilet has strategic body-mapped insulation and mobility where necessary. Building on the ever-popular ASSOS falkenZahn, this handy gilet for female cyclists is so much more than your run-of-the-mill cycling vest. Taking design cues from its lauded male predecessor, this female sleeveless riding top is both more breathable and more packable with revised side panels, lighter shoulders with reflective piping and a lightweight rear made from the same high-performance fabric used in the équipe jersey. The front panels are constructed with our twinDeck foil to bear the brunt of bad weather, and the gilet has a specific cut to prevent unwanted bunching when the pockets are full. You’ll thank us for the presence o easy-use cam lock zip and welded bottom seam, which add smoothness and reduce friction. But what does all this technology mean to you? It’s a gilet that’s crafted to keep you warm during chilly mornings and cool descents, as well as ensuring you won’t overheat when the sun gets up or you start attacking those Strava. THE FINER DETAILS twinDeck construction of RXQ and Tibet: Remarkably protective fusion of a twinDeck formed from wind blocking tibet with an internal layer of insulating RXQ material to tackle fluctuations in the transitional seasons. RXQ: A lighter weight RX fabric variant used in key areas requiring great breathability. Internal 3D air channels make it a perfect low volume insulator and temperature regulator. Tibet: A circular polypropylene knit, this works with the RXQ to provide comfort, thermal insulation and moisture management. Sens Tex: The safety-conscious reflective stripes on the shoulders have been constructed using a perforated double-layered version of our comfortable Sens textile. racingFit: A fit that is tighter and slightly more compressive than our alternative regularFit and comfortFit options. May feel restrictive out of the riding position but feels like a second skin while riding and results in a higher performance, improved comfort and less drag. Triple Ramp concept rear pockets: Three optimally positioned rear pockets with ease of access and stability. Utilizing our triple ramp concept, internal seams fashion a barely-there lid for your wares to keep them in check regardless of your exertion. Light-absorbing rear elastic hem: a wide, secure elastic hem that ensures a frictionless fit while riding; plus a reflective strip that absorbs light, resulting in added safety when faced with varying light conditions such as riding into a tunnel. Stabilizator S7 Knit: A lightweight material on the back of this jersey for improved breathability and stability of the jersey. Taped waist: Employing minimal seams, the waist has been taped for comfort and heat retention. Slim, lightweight, full-length zip for individually adjusting to the conditions. climaRange accents: It features an internal color-coordinated accent of yellow to denote its climaRange season, which simplifies your pre-ride dressing ritual.
Assos H.RALLY Cargo Shorts
$137.50 $274.99 50% Off
Relaxed all-road/off-road shorts, with a customizable personal fit, offering peak comfort and durability on your toughest all-road rides. Also great for a pleasure ride to the local café or even just casual wear. #haveagoodride Combining five decades of engineering experience and fabric knowledge, with ASSOS expertise and dedication to comfort, these shorts are perfect for demanding all-road/off-road riding. Designed to be worn over regular bib-shorts or padded boxer shorts, these are an industry benchmark in performance and comfort. H. = Half shorts, no padded insert. To custom fine-tune the fit, zips are provided on the waist and legs to allow for flexibility and movement along with a pocket in the front right of the shorts to keep essentials safe. These loose-fit bike shorts have been engineered with ASSOS hard-wearing StonePine fabric, making them strong, water-repellent and fast drying. The rear panel consists of our super stretch and highly breathable Tech Sheen fabric. These shorts will take everything and anything in their stride, wicking away moisture fast, while offering sufficient stretch to ensure you never feel restricted, whether you’re gravel grinding the back roads or cruising the trails. Mesh inserts on the front and rear allow the shorts to breathe, keeping your body's internal microclimate stable, warm and dry. Your go-to off-road short, designed and engineered for all weathers and all-road conditions. TECHNOLOGY The latest generation of off-road ASSOS cycling shorts, employing technology and fabrics engineered over a 5-year period. ASSOS designed front panel, for comfort and stability. Type.498 StonePine: hardwearing, water repellent and fast drying fabric with high-stretch properties. The key to the endurance of these shorts. Type 265 mesh: allows optimal breathability. Zips in the waist and legs to fine-tune fit. Zipped essentials pocket.
Assos H.Laalalai Cargo S7 Women's Shorts
$129.00 $259.00 50% Off
After the launch of the ASSOS rally cycling clothing for men, this is the new off-road shorts for women. A robust and well performing mountain bike short in which Assos has put all their expertise. The cycling shorts are strong, water-repellent and quick-drying and have a woman-specific fit for optimal comfort. Female-specific MTB cut: Anatomically mapped fit. Ensures the garment works in harmony with a woman’s body on the bike. Type.498 StonePine tex: Water-repellent and fast drying, the main fabric guarantees speed, strength and resilience. Tech Sheen: A super stretchy and hardwearing warp-knit mesh found on the rear for optimal breathability when paired with their H.rallyInnershorts woman or any other ASSOS shorts or tights. DWR: Hydrophobic treatment - Durable Water Repellent - to protect from showers. regularFit: A body mapped performance fit that is a little less aggressive than the racingFit. The best of both worlds, wearability and speed converging. Zipped essentials pocket: Designed and refined in-house, this front-facing pocket allows you to safely carry essentials for your ride.
Assos sJ.blitzFeder_evo7 Shell
$124.50 $249.00 50% Off
When less is more. You need one. Really! Assos sJ.blitzFeder_evo7 provides smart protection & light insulation against wind, light rain showers and light chill. Ultra-light and ultra-compact. Extremely quiet. No rustling or flapping when your speed increases Our lightest protection shell, for extremely versatility. Pattern cut and tailored to fit your body in the cycling position, with a regular fit. Clicks on and follows your movement. - sJ.blitzFeder provides smart protection & light insulation against wind, light rain showers and chill - Ultra-light and ultra-compact - Extremely quiet. No rustling or flapping when your speed increases - Our lightest protection shell, for extreme versatility - Pattern cut and tailored to fit your body in the cycling position - Foil043TM fabric, engineered to meet blitzFeder’s specific requirements
Assos SS.laalalaiJersey_evo7 Lady Jersey
$110.00 $219.99 50% Off
A new jersey that refuses to compromise, this Assos SS.laalalai_evo7 Jersey combines the comfort of their type.002 material with added, lighter, type.220 material in strategic places to give you the ultimate in performance on the hottest days. Engineered to work perfectly with a summer skinFoil, it can also be used next to your skin on the hottest days. And if the summer weather does not live up to expectations, add either armWarmers or a shell for those cooler times. TECHNIC A new standard in the ASSOS women's jersey has been achieved with the SS.laalalai Jersey Evo7. A product for riders who demand the ultimate in performance and apparel. Light, breathable and cut specifically for women, it strikes the perfect balance between performance, fit and aesthetics. THE CONSTRUCTION Assos chose the fabric type .002 material for the majority of the jersey. The stretchy, yet soft properties of this fabric mean that not only does the shirt fit much better, but it is also more comfortable to wear on summer rides. Mono-stretch fabric type.220 material has been added to the back of the cycling jersey for improved ventilation. It is a very light fabric, used to keep you cool on even the hottest summer rides, as well as give extra stability to the jersey and the padded back pockets. This fabric only has horizontal stretch, which keeps the shirt extra firm in shape. The feminine cut for the best anatomical fit ensures the ultimate in comfort and performance. FEATURES - Made of type .002 fabric for more comfort and softness - Mono-stretch type.220 material on the back. > Typical ASSOS blocks, first used in a women's shirt from Assos - Anatomically cut for the feminine shape - Regular fit Composition: 50% Polyamide, 30% Polyester, 20% Elastane
Assos NS.skinFoil_Summer_S7 Baselayer
A sleeveless ASSOS skinFoil base layer is the ultimate foundation for hot summer bike rides. Behind the product A crucial element of your summer riding kit, a sleeveless ASSOS skinFoil cycling base layer is designed to be the ultimate first layer for hot and warm days. This highly breathable base layer for cycling benefits from our moisture-wicking transport mesh and new v-cut neck to increase airflow, while its sleeveless design lends it elevated hot-weather riding credentials. Crafted with our lustrous seamless construction and non-restrictive fit, this lightweight cycling base layer epitomizes our dedication to outfitting your entire cycling wardrobe for year-round riding. Bypassing the conventional approach, this race-tuned riding base layer is spun on tubular machines to increase comfort and elevate its performance. With a meticulously constructed blend of yarns and strategic body compression, this lightweight base layer has been engineered by our in-house fabric specialists and put through the wringer by our internal test teams so that it is able to react to your intensity of sweating and the subsequent cooling effect whatever the outside temperature. These are the sorts of performance gains that confirm why we state our cycling apparel is Equipment, Not Clothing. Sizing: 0 = XS/S I = S/M/L II = L/XL/XLG/TIR
Assos Trail Arm Protectors
Mimicking the look and design of our favorite arm warmers, the Arm Protectors are superlight sleeves made of a tough textile for protection against abrasion. They’re the perfect option for riders who don’t want the bulk of pads, yet welcome next-to-skin coverage on the trail. Using our proprietary dyneRope, a densely woven armor-like textile acclaimed for its exceptional durability, the sleeve-like Arm Protectors keep your vulnerable forearms shielded from errant tree limbs, shrubbery, and other trail hazards. The inner panel is constructed with PushPull, which is a soft flexible material that adds UPF50+ protection for those long, sunny days in the saddle. Features dyneRope: A high-density woven textile with ripstop weave. Fifteen times stronger than steel, this fiber is blended with a black polyethylene and is strategically placed to protect exposed areas from abrasion. Type.429 Titanio: A lightweight, durable UPF50+ S7 charmeuse Lycra textile.
Assos Summer Short Sleeve Skin Layer
An ultralight summer base layer featuring a seamless design and carbon yarns to keep your core cool, dry, and comfortable in balmy conditions. We're constantly refining the first-layer platform in the name of greater moisture management and overall comfort. Such is the case with the new Skin Layer family, taking the baton from our Skinfoils with much lighter designs, refined constructions, and better-performing fiber blends. We've lowered the SS Skin Layer's weight by roughly 25% compared to its Skinfoil predecessor and used a tubular knit technology that's free of irritating side seams. A new blend of carbon and polypropylene yarns have been strategically arranged to manage moisture much better than previous iterations, resulting in a breathable, antibacterial short-sleeved first layer that keeps you cool and dry from the base up. The Circular Seamless construction introduces a tubular knit that's free of side seams, creating an ultrasoft, comfortable feel against the body. The sleeves are sewn directly into the armhole to promote a full range of motion beneath additional layers.
Assos GT C2 Gloves
The Assos GT C2 gloves will keep your hands cool and dry during your long summer rides. They combine extreme comfort with lightness. The weight has been reduced by 25% compared to the previous version. Breathability and cooling action have been improved. This reduces internal friction and irritation caused by moisture, while ensuring that perspiration does not get in the way when you want to hit the brakes. The new open mesh Open Mesh structure on the back of the hand allows air and perspiration to circulate for even more lightness. The palm area has been redesigned with microfiber fabric to improve grip and durability. The contoured structure reduces bulk by stretching to better fit the shape of your hand. Strategically placed padding eliminates vibration from rough road surfaces and gravel so you can go the distance with ease. A soft surface on the thumb wipes away perspiration from the face. Features Material: 77% polyamide, 23% elastane / Palm: 100% polyamide Sweat sponge on the thumb to wipe away sweat VibeProof Palm: Strategically placed padding to reduce vibration Contoured construction Back: Open Mesh structure Palm: Microfiber fabric Sizes: XS to XXL
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