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Genuine Brompton Replacement Saddle. Sporty, comfortable, light, and practical. this high-quality unisex saddle has been designed by Brompton specifically for the folding bike. Incorporating longer than normal rails for increased adjustability, an ingenious moulded grip under the nose facilitates carrying and has an integrated mount for the Brompton Cateye rear LED light. The wider 167mm saddle is great for the Mid or High handlebar or for people that just want a slightly wider and more comfortable saddle. FEATURES - Durable synthetic leather cover, internally stitched - Molded plastic under the nose, to aid carrying - Foam padding - Hollow rails - Super strong Cro-Mo rails - Longer rails provide a larger degree of adjustability - Moulded carry grip under nose for carrying comfort
Introducing the Brompton Superlight Carbon Saddle in a sleek black design with matching black rails. Our Superlight saddle is so named, weighing only 0.1kg and made with carbon rails to be one step closer to a T-line. The saddle is significantly lighter than a standard Brompton Saddle, making it an excellent upgrade for your Brompton. The grippy texture underneath forms easy handling and the Brompton bracket attachment feature at the back attaches lights. The Superlight Carbon Saddle is comfortable and the carbon has excellent vibration-damping properties, resulting in a smoother ride, making it an excellent choice of saddle for commuting or city riding. Please note that the Brompton Superlight Advance Pentaclip is specifically designed for use with this saddle and is not included.
The Brompton Superlight Saddle is designed to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort. It boasts chromoly rails, a carbon-reinforced base, and lightweight padding, providing a smooth and comfortable riding experience. The adjustable rails allow for easy customization of the position, offering optimal ergonomics. Notably, this saddle is approximately 100g lighter than the standard Brompton saddle, enhancing bike agility and responsiveness. - Weight: From 0.28Kfg
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