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B&W Foldon Box S

B&W Foldon Box S
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Rugged and easy to transport: the B&W foldon box S, perfectly sized for Brompton bikes
With our foldon box S, your folding bike is with you wherever you go, perfectly and securely stored. This transport case, with highly durable polypropylene (PP) side walls and extremely rugged ABS plastic shells, protects valuable Brompton bikes, whether traveling or at home, and is very easy to maneuver with its four casters. Once the foldon box S is no longer needed, it can be practically and compactly folded down and stowed. The resulting reduction in volume of 70% means this transport case can fit just about anywhere.

All features at a glance
- Extremely rugged: ABS plastic shells, polypropylene (PP) side walls
- Perfect size for Brompton bikes
- Foldable: reduction in volume of 70%
- Saves space when stowed
- With four casters: two rigid, two swivel
- Padded pull and carry handles
- Assembled in under two minutes
- Foam padding
- With CON-Pearl® structured-core board
- Two belts for dependable securing
- Stackable
- Locking
- Internal dimensions: 635 x 620 x 315 mm | 25.0 x 24.4 x 12.4 inch
- External dimensions: 675 x 710 x 350 mm | 26.6 x 28.0 x 13.8 inch
- Weight: 11.9 Ib
- Color: black

Assembled and ready in under two minutes
Our foldon box S is the perfect storage option for a Brompton bike in any situation. This transport case is assembled in under two minutes and offers enough room to stow your bike securely. To protect your bike, the case has foam padding on all sides of the interior as well as a CON-Pearl® structured-core board and four metal reinforcing strips. When the foldon box S is not in use, it can be folded down to save space. Folding reduces the case’s volume by a superb 70%, meaning it can fit just about anywhere. Two durable straps also secure the folded-up case.

Easy to maneuver thanks to flexible, smooth-running casters
Whether for short trips or long flights, your Brompton bike is optimally stored at all times in our foldon box S. Four built-in casters—two swivel, two rigid—make transport particularly easy and handling a breeze. The padded handles allow the case to be carried or pulled without difficulty, even when fully loaded.

Lockable for maximum security
Compact, rugged, and secure: These are just a few of the many attributes we focus on when manufacturing our foldon box S. With special emphasis on the security of the Brompton bikes stowed in these transport cases, they not only are extremely sturdy to absorb any impacts or falls without damaging or scratching their valuable contents, they also come with eyelets for an optional TSA-approved padlock. This additional protection guarantees maximum security for your bike.

The bike shown in images is not included.

Part Numbers

4031541706461 US-96008 96016540789M