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If you've been bike-shopping lately, chances are you've confronted the harsh reality that bikes are in short supply. During the global pandemic more people than ever before have been turning to bikes for fitness, recreation, transportation, and fun! 

The high demand for bikes have led to what the industry is calling a "bike boom". Due to the high demand and supply chain disruptions resulting from the global pandemic it's taking longer for us to re-stock bikes and parts. We have many bikes on order, and new bikes arriving to us every week.

Buying a bike now is still possible! We are ordering twice as many bikes now as we did in the previous years. We want to do everything we can to help you get the bike that’s right for you. 

Here's what you need to know to secure your ride when bikes are in high demand.

What’s the fastest way to get a bike now?

If we have the bike you want in stock it's your lucky day! You can buy your new bike online. New bikes are taking approximately 1-2 weeks to ready due to our high demand and queue of existing orders. Or, give us call to arrange a bike purchase appointment. Bike purchase appointments require a $200 fully refundable deposit to secure each bike and appointment time.

If we don't currently have your preferred bike in stock our staff can help you find another suitable ride, or help you to place a pre-order for your dream ride.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is when you secure a bike that we have on order with a $200 fully refundable deposit per bike. It's the fastest way to get your hands on the bike you want! It's like securing your place in line for the bike model you want. Pre-orders can only be done over the phone, or in-person.

How to buy a currently 'unavailable' bike

Give us a call, or visit our nearest store to discuss options and pre-ordering bikes. With a $200 fully refundable deposit per bike, we can secure your dream bike for you. You can do this over the phone, or in person. Our team can look into our bike orders and ETAs of when we're expecting availability of your preferred bike. ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) given from us are subject to change.

Together with patience and kindness we can make this a great season!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I place a pre-order?

Because it will ensure you are in line to get the bike you want as soon as it's available.

Do I need to put money down?

You do need to put a $200 fully refundable deposit per bike to secure your bike.

When the bike will arrive?

It varies by the model, size, and colour. You can give us a call and we can fill you in on the approximate ETA.

With more arriving every week!

Buy your new bike online, or arrange a bike purchase appointment.