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Zefal Deflector FM20
• Compatible with 26’’, 27.5’’ and 29’’ forks • 3.1'' wide, enough for most MTBs • 360mm length offers good mud protection • Made of techno-polymer resin • Fixation on the front fork with 7 zip-ties or 4 Velcro • 3 sets of stickers included to customize to your taste • Weight: 110 g
Zefal Deflector RS75
• Seatsay-mounted mudguard, perfectly adapted to all types of suspension bikes • MD-FIX System: Universal mounting system, fits seatstays from 17 to 41mm and features accurate, double adjustment angle setting • Material: Fibre-glass reinforced polypropylene • Optimal protection for 27.5" and 29" wheels • Max. tire width recommended: 2.8'' • Weight: 341 g
Zefal No Mud
• Universal mounting: front on the fork or rear on the seat stays • Technopolymer resin • Blade width: 65mm • Black with grey spoiler
SKS B65 Commuter II (Bluemel) Fender Set For 28-inch
$81.20 - $81.99
- SKS B65 Commuter II Fender Set for 28 - Famous Bluemel Full-Coverage Fender Set - Features stainless hardware and stainless 3.0mm stays - Front profile 680mm - Rear profile 1185mm - ASR security release system for the front wheel
SKS Bluemels Matt 53 Fender Set
Mudguard set for front and rear. – 53mm with fixed bridges – 3mm stainless steel stays – Front angle, sliding bridges, and fixed bridges made from stainless steel – Security fastening ASR joint, angle adjustable
SKS Flap Guard Front Fender
Stay dry even when riding in the wet with the Flap Guard. Wet weather defense. This super lightweight and discreet mudguard protects your face and fork seals from mud and water when hitting the trails. Made of super soft material the Flap Guard fits to 26", 27.5" and 29" bikes and is compatible with most forks. - Installs on fork bridge and fork legs with included zip ties - Designed for tire widths 1.95" - 2.7" - 317mm (12.6") for maximum protection - Also compatible on rear side of frame - Weight: 45g - Compatible Tire Size: Universal - Mounting Location: Fork / Seatstay - Material: Plastic
SKS MudRocker Front Fender
The MudRocker front fender is built to keep your view clear no matter the conditions. The new SKS MudRocker Front fender keeps the focus on the trail and the mud off your face. Featuring a black, matte/shiny colorway that integrates itself perfectly into the mountain bike and promises optimum protection against splashing water due to its length. With both a suspension fork adapter and hook & loop/cable fasteners included, the MudRocker fender offers wide ranging compatibility. - Includes adapter plate and hardware for attachment to Fox, Ohlins, RockShox, and Suntour suspension forks - Includes hook & loop and cable fasteners for alternative attachment - Also includes fork protection film and rubber pieces to prevent scratching - Maximum 3" tire width - Length: 490mm - Compatible Tire Size: 27.5 and 29" - Mounting Location: Front - Attachment: Clip-on - Material: Plastic - Weight: 112g
SKS MudRocker Rear Fender
The MudRocker rear fender is the best solution for keeping your backside dry and comfortable on your next wet ride. The MudRocker rear fender perfectly deflects dirt and water spray from your rear wheel and integrates into the rear triangle of your bike to form a seamless single unit. Suitable for full suspension and mountain bikes, the MudRocker rear fender attaches to the seat stays of your bike with adjustable rubberized hook and loop fasteners. With an additional extender that can insert and slide towards the seat tube, you'll ride protected. - Hook & loop fasteners with wedge-shaped pads offer adjustable height and fitment - Includes rear fender extender and seat tube extension for maximum coverage - Includes frame protection film to prevent scratching - Length: 840mm - Compatible Tire Size: 27.5 and 29" - Mounting Location: Rear - Attachment: Clip-on - Material: Plastic - Weight: 172g
SKS RaceBlade Long Fender Set
• Compatible with quick release frames, up to 25mm tires • Includes extensions for front and rear fender for additional coverage • Includes both long and short brake caliper brackets for best fit on a wide range of frames • Quick release skewer brackets attach inboard of springs on quick release skewers
SKS RaceBlade Pro Fender Set
• Superlight extra-long mud flaps give additional spray protection • Double hinged quick release fitting system fits aero forks and is compatible with disc brakes • Can be adapted to the radius of the wheel by adjusting the length of the stays • Paintwork protection film for the frame and fork is included
SKS Raceblade Long Hardware Kit
- Raceblade Long Hardware Kit, for 2nd bike, or to replace worn parts
SKS Rowdy Set
Keep your little rider dry and clean with SKS's Rowdy fenders. They're compatible with a wide variety of frame types and feature durable mounting brackets for worry-free use.
SKS S-Blade Rear Fender
The S-BLADE can be fitted on virtually any road bike and the angle setting optimally adjusted. Wet weather defense. The S-BLADE is the little brother to the top-selling X-TRA-DRY and is designed for the ambitious racing cyclist riding narrower tires. - Quick release fender for road bikes - Designed for tires up to 35mm wide - Angle easily adjusted for optimal protection - Lightweight at 117g - Compatible Tire Size: 700c - Mounting Location: Seatpost - Attachment: Quick Release - Material: Plastic
SKS S-Board Front Fender
Wet weather defense. The SKS S-Board is a front mudguard designed for road, cyclocross, hybrid, gravel bikes etc. Its double hinged quick release fitting system also fits aero forks. It is the ideal companion for the S-BLADE rear mudguard. - Quick-release fitting system also fits aero forks - Includes paint protection film for the frame - Maximum tire width of 38mm - Compatible Tire Size: 700c x 38mm - Mounting Location: Front - Attachment: Clip-on - Material: Plastic
SKS S-Guard Rear Fender
Wet weather defense. This super lightweight and small mudguard protects your bottom from mud and water. Not only for road bike cyclists. The solution to being asked if you've had an "accident". S-Guard is a tougher, lightweight injection molded fender, compared to others' punched-out flimsy plastic versions.
• Intended for tires at least 32mm wide • Mud breaker built into front fender • Telescoping rear fender offers more coverage near seat tube • Versatile rubber fasteners • Anodized aluminum stays feature a wider design for tire clearance • 42mm max tire width • Not compatible with rim brake frames
SKS Shockblade 26/27.5-inch
The Shockblade 26/27.5-inch is a clip on front, high-quality 2-component fender for mounting on the fork of 26-inch and 27.5-inch mountain and trekking bikes. - Virtually unbreakable high quality dual compound plastic - Hidden chuck cone adapter which is fitted once during first assembly - Easy quick-release fastening - Optimized dirt protection - Fits almost all suspension forks - 26-inch and 27.5-inch wheel compatible
SKS X-Blade 26/27.5-inch
The X-Blade 26/27.5-inch is a high-quality 2-component fender for the rear wheel of mountain and trekking bikes. Due to the quick-release mounting, the fender can be fitted to almost any seat post and optimally adjusted to the wheel using the 2-joint technology. - High performance dual compound plastic - Easy quick-release-fastening by pre-adjusted powerstrap - 2 joints for optimized adjustment to all frames - Optimized dirt protection - 26-inch and 27.5-inch wheel compatible
SKS X-Blade Fender
The high-quality 2-component dirtboard for the rear wheel of mountain and off-road bikes. With quick-release mounting, the X-Blade rear fender can be fitted to almost any seatpost and optimally adjusted to the wheel using the 2-joint technology to keep your backside comfortable and dry. - High quality dual compound quick release rear fender - 2-point angle adjustment for optimum fit and coverage - Fits almost any seatpost up to 35mm diameter - For use with tires up to 3" width
SKS X-Board Downtube Fender
The X-Board downtube fender offers a wide platform ideal for wet off-road riding. With robust rubber fasteners, the X-Board can be adapted to fit on nearly any downtube profile for bikes with wheel sizes from 24" - 29". Quick release downtube fender coverage in a lightweight package. - Robust rubber fasteners stretch to fit nearly any downtube profile - Adjustable soft rubber cable-spacers for frames with downtube cable-routing - Dual compound softspoiler - Designed for use on bikes with wheels 24" - 29" - Weight: 99g
Portland Design Works Full Metal 700C Fenders
$119.99 - $157.19
PDW's Full Metal Road Fenders are designed to fit road bikes that are difficult to install full-coverage fenders on. They have special hardware to get around caliper brakes and under forks, even add-on mounts for bikes that lack eyelets to mount fender stays to. They provide full-wrap coverage, even shielding riders behind you from tire spray thanks to the sturdy rubber mudflaps. Plus, safety release tabs ensure your wheels keep turning, even if debris gets lodged between the fender and tire. - Anodized aluminum - 30mm wide - Fits bikes with 700 x 23mm tires and fender eyelets - 454 grams
Mudhugger Mudhugger FRX Front Fender
The FRX (Front Race) fender was designed with the help of World Cup and Enduro World Series riders wanting max mud and spray protection with zero faff. Measuring 450mm in length the FRX provides awesome mud/spray stopping performance without breaking the bank. - Fits all wheel sizes: 26", 27.5", 27.5+" and 29" wheels with tires up to 3 inches wide on a 'boost' fork - Designed and made in the UK from 100% recycled black polypropylene - Weight: 78g
Mudhugger Mudhugger GravelHugger Front Fender
Following the tried and tested tire hugging design of our MTB Mudhuggers, the GravelHugger is designed to fit most fork + wheel + tire (up to 50mm wide) combos. To reduce single-use plastic waste, and make fitting and removing easier, the GravelHugger is supplied with nitrile O-rings (70mm sizes for flat blade type and 50mm for traditional round steel forks). Zip ties (sold separately) can be utilized if you'd prefer to fit and leave on at all times. - Suitable for 700c (Max tire width 42mm) and 650b wheels (Max tire width 50mm), depending on wheel/tire/fork combination - Designed and made in the UK from 100% recycled polypropylene - Includes Helitape and nitrile O-rings - Length: 490mm - Width: 60mm - Weight: 75g
Mudhugger Mudhugger GravelHugger Rear Fender
Following the tried and tested rear Mudhugger design, will fit most bike frame seat stays and designed for tires up to 50mm wide. The Rear GravelHugger is designed to be attached to the bike with zipties as these afford the most secure way to fitting. However it can also be attached utilising hook and loop straps (sold separately), making removing and refitting easier. - Suitable for 700c and 650b wheels, Max tire width 50mm (depending on wheel/tire combination) - Designed and made in the UK from 100% recycled polypropylene - Includes Helitape and zipties - Length: 560mm - Width: 55mm - Weight: 200g
Mudhugger Mudhugger Medium Rear Fender (fits 27.5 and 29er bikes)
Initially designed to overcome the problem of fitting mudguards to a bike with a dropper seatpost, the Rear Mudhugger works well on all bikes, providing they have disc brakes. Attaching it to the seat stays overcomes all of the problems normally associated with rear mudguards. They do not move out of line, get in the way when getting on or off the bike, do not foul rear suspension travel, and are robust enough to take the rough and tumble of modern trail riding demands. - 640mm long x 95mm wide - Fits wheel sizes: 27.5" (650B) and 29er hardtail and full suspension bikes - Includes frame tape and 6 zipties - Weight: approx 208g (w/o fittings)
Evo Power Guard Lt Fenders
- Made of resistant chromoplastic - Stainless steel bracket and stays - Pre-assembled for fast and easy installation - Extra long mudflaps provide ultimate coverage
Electra Townie Original 26-inch Aluminum Fender Set
Functional. Fashionable. Fenders. Keep you and your threads clean and dry by adding stylish fenders. Accessorize your ride and keep yourself dry. - Front and rear full-length fenders designed for use on Townie 26-inch bicycles - Fits both Step-Thru and Step-Over Townie Original models - Compatible with tires up to 2.0-inch wide - Protects against pesky mud and splashes
Bontrager NCS Fender Set
$87.98 - $87.99
Ride in any weather The Bontrager NCS fender is everything you want in a fender. It installs in seconds, is available in a variety of sizes to fit various bikes, and offers full coverage to keep you dry. The no-cut design includes everything you need for easy installation and it even comes with an integrated Blendr rear light mount. Product details - Fully assembled fenders that install in minutes - Integrated rear Blendr light mount for use with Bontrager Flare lights - No-cut struts allow quick strut adjustment for proper tire clearance - Double-back strut on rear fender adds support and stability - Made of lightweight yet super-durable polycarbonate - Stainless steel hardware resists rust - Four sizes available to accommodate most bike and tire configurations
Axiom Axle Runner (Set Of 4)
An innovative adapter that adds eyelets to any QR-equipped bike, facilitating the mounting of traditional fenders to bicycles lacking front and rear eyelets. CONSTRUCTION • Lightweight red anodized aluminum MOUNTING SYSTEM • Mount to quick release skewer ADDED BENEFIT • A quick and easy solution to make fenders fit • Set of four
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