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- Freehub Fh-R7070 - 105 - Center Lock Disc - 10/11-Speed - 12mm Thru Type Axle(W/O Axle) -142mm - Black
Whoever is looking for the most affordable high-performance hubs available should take a very close look at the 350 hub line. The same performance as its higher-end cousins comes with slightly less weight-optimized parts to offer the same reliability at a much lower cost.
Genuine replacement parts When it's time to refresh your trusty wheelset, Trek Genuine Replacement Parts have you covered. Product details - Replacement axle kit - Includes axle, nuts, cones, spacers, seals and bearings - Compatible with TK-32 OE hubs with 135mm OLD
Genuine replacement parts When it's time to refresh your trusty bike, Trek genuine replacement parts have you covered. Product details - Original equipment replacement axle kit for RX-342 hubs. - Can also be used to upgrade RX-142 hubs when used with RX-342 freehub. - Includes axle and drive-side end nut.
Whether it's a custom build or just a replacement, these hubs are the foundation for a high quality wheelset. Product details - Bontrager rear hub for use with 197mm dropouts - Rapid Drive 108 hub instantly transfers effort into forward momentum - Flange diameter: 58mm - NDS flange offset: 59.5mm - DS flange offset: 46mm - 32 hole, 6-bolt rotor
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