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Revolutionary hybrid road-, and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe and convenient bike transportation. - Ultra-lightweight and very secure hybrid bag design - can be folded down and easily stowed away - Bike fitting-proof – cockpit settings do not have to be changed and only wheels and pedals needs to be removed - Easy to travel with – thanks to extra-wide wheel chassis, clip on wheel and multiple handles - Including new Road Bike Stand for easy fixation and extra safe transport - Extrawide and TSA-lockable wheelcase - Top part made of impact and pressure resistant polycarbonate shells - Internal side impact absorber - Extra wheel and cockpit protection - Includes: clip-on wheel 2.0, two road bike wheel bags, road bike stand, cockpit pad, side impact absorber - Material: P 600D PU Coated, EVA, Polycarbonate - Dimensions: outside 142 x 92 x 53cm (55.9 x 36.2 x 20.9”) inside 130 x 84 x 50cm (51.2 x 33.1 x 19.7”) - Weight: 11.7kg (25.8lbs) - Volume 300L
Travel the Brompton way with an open mind and be inspired by life’s possibilities. Whether traveling by bus or train, your Brompton Bike will transform your experience, and our Brompton Padded Travel Bag provides greater protection during transit. The Travel Bag ensures your ticket to transformed and convenient travel is safely packed away when you don’t need it, so you’re ready to roll. The Brompton Travel Bag is as versatile as the bike itself, with reinforced panels, 4 coaster wheels, and a removable padded shoulder strap. It makes traveling with your Brompton Bike even easier; simply fold your bike in under 20 seconds, slip it into the bag, and off you go! Roll, push, pull, or carry your bike to your next adventure and allow the Travel Bag to adapt to your day. Challenge your beliefs and what you thought was possible by taking your bike with you anywhere! A Brompton Bike and Travel Bag set you up for a travel lifestyle with spontaneity, independence, and exploration. It’s more than just a Travel Bag; it’s a lifestyle choice. *Please note - This bag is not suitable for airline travel. We would recommend a more sturdy hard case instead.
B&W Foldon.Bag – the durable folding bike bag with practical shoulder strap Practical, compact and robust: The B&W foldon bag for safe folding bike transport With the B&W foldon bag, folding bikes of various compact formats can be stored and transported quickly and practically. The hard-wearing material protects the wheel frame easily and safely - whether at home in the garage or on the road during trips and travel. Thanks to the padded shoulder strap and handy carrying handles, the folding bike can be transported easily and comfortably. The smooth-running all-round zip can be opened and closed reliably and smoothly, so that packing and unpacking is just as quick and practical as folding the bicycle frame. Whether for train journeys to a city trip, air travel on an adventure holiday or simply for the commute to work: the B&W foldon bag is the perfect, tailor-made companion for any uncomplicated and safe folding bike transport. Ideal dimensions for Brompton bikes Folding bikes with the shape and dimensions of an original Brompton bike are optimally and safely stowed away with the foldon bag Padded shoulder strap and handy carrying handles Comfortable and safe transportation Made from durable polyester Protects folding bike and accessories from dirt and moisture All data at a glance: - Particularly hard-wearing polyester -Suitable for the foldon case and the foldon box - Ideal dimensions for Brompton bikes - Tear resistant - With practical shoulder strap - Stable, smooth-running zipper - Handy carrying handles - Comfortable size - Easily stowable - Internal dimensions: 600 x 600 x 200 mm - External dimensions: 600 x 600 x 200 mm - Weight: 1kg - Color: Black - Inner protective lining Transport Brompton bikes comfortably and safely with the handy folding bike bag from B&W A foldon bag from B&W offers the ideal dimensions to protect and comfortably transport folding bikes with similar or the same dimensions as Brompton bikes. High-quality folding bikes should always be taken with you when travelling. The B&W foldon bag is the practical and comfortable solution for this. The folding bike bag is easily opened with the all-round zip so that the folded bike frame can be easily inserted and then sealed. The particularly hard-wearing material protects the folding bike frame in its most sensitive position without it slipping unnecessarily or even having to be repositioned during transport. The bike pictured is not included.
Bike transport bag and backpack in one Bike transport bag becomes a backpack: Transformable transport solution When traveling, folding or collapsible bicycles offer the great advantage that when folded and packed in a bag, they count as a normal piece of luggage. This means that they are not subject to the other regulations for transporting bicycles on buses, trains or planes and therefore do not incur any additional transport costs. The 4 kg lightweight transport bag is equipped with an aluminum frame that protects the interior and ensures stable transport thanks to two smooth-running wheels. The maximum load of 17 kilograms can thus be pulled comfortably. The transport system is equipped with an additional gym bag, in which additional equipment such as bicycle helmet, clothing or shoes find separate space. The highlight: The conversion of the transport bag into a backpack is possible in just a few steps. Thus, the foldon.bag pack guarantees travelers direct mobility at their destination. The robust, dirt- and water-repellent surface of the transport bag is comparable to the material of conventional hiking and trekking backpacks. All features at a glance: - Made of durable, stain and water resistant ripstop polyester. - A pull loop and two sturdy easy-roll wheels allow for comfortable transport of the folding bike. - Extra accessories: gym bag for further equipment like bike helmet, shoes or clothes. - The gym bag can be stored in the transport bag as well as in the backpack after conversion. - The conversion of the foldon.bag pack to a backpack takes about 2:30 minutes. - external dimensions: 620 x 600 x 350 mm | 24.4 x 23.6 x 13.8 inch - internal dimensions: 610 x 590 x 340 mm | 24 x 23.2 x 13.4 inch - weight: 4.1 kg | 9.1 Ib - payload: 17 kg | 37.8 lb
The B&W foldon case: secure, sturdy, strong With the B&W foldon case, folding bikes stay in place during transport, safe and shakeproof—even or especially during less-than-delicate luggage handling. The rugged ABS plastic shell is impact-resistant and scratchproof, and the aluminum rim offers reinforced corners. A case strap routed inside the shell provides optimal support for the fail-safe closing mechanism of the locking latches so the contents remain protected against any external influences at all times. Its ideal size makes our B&W foldon case the perfect compact companion for secure transport of valuable contents, from Brompton bikes to a complete travel setup. All features at a glance - Extremely sturdy: shell made of ASB plastic - Versions with TSA-approved lock also available - Perfect size for Brompton bikes - Impact-resistant - Scratchproof - Aluminum rim - Reinforced corners - Smooth, extendable telescoping handle - High-quality inline casters - Internal locking latches - Internal dimensions: 610 x 625 x 240 mm | 24.6 x 24.0 x 9.4 inch - External dimensions: 640 x 700 x 330 mm | 25.2 x 27.6 x 13.0 inch - Weight: 15.9 Ib - Color: black - Inner protective lining: egg crate foam Brompton bike format? B&W foldon case is practically made for it. When traveling, you do not stow a high-quality folding bike just anywhere. It should always be fully protected against rough handling, inattentive storing, and unwanted external influences. Our B&W foldon case offers extreme stability and the perfect inner size for all foldable bikes with the dimensions of a Brompton bike. The sturdy ABS plastic shell with egg crate foam interior exerts just the right amount of pressure on the contents to keep it in place and secure during transport. With the foldon case, high-quality folding bikes are not only protected, they are also supported. B&W with TSA-approved lock To avoid any unnecessary delays with luggage handling when traveling to the United States, a B&W foldon case for folding bikes can also be equipped with two TSA-approved locks. The TSA, or Transport Security Administration, is always glad for travelers with luggage that does not need to be unnecessarily broken open in order to inspect its contents. And our secure and user-friendly by B&W and its contents will be glad that the case can be opened properly without damage. The pictured bike is not included.
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