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Huub Axiom 3:3 Women's Triathlon Wetsuit
$199.99 $349.99 43% Off
The Huub Axiom 3:3 Women's Triathlon Wetsuit is the ideal entry-level wetsuit for the beginner triathlete or leisure swimmer. Designed for triathlons or open water swimming, the smooth skin neoprene helps increase your water speed with the optimum buoyancy of 3:3. Huub have incorporated full, smooth-skin neoprene into the construction of the Axiom wetsuit to provide the wearer with optimum comfort and performance across the water. Each HUUB wetsuit has been rigorously developed for a particular stroke style by expert swimming coaches Swim Smooth and heavily tested by real swimmers at their test centre in Perth, Western Australia. The neoprene is specifically designed to improve water speed, ensuring you maximize focus and performance to give you the best possible results. In addition, the neoprene offers a comfortable, next-to-skin feel, creating a more relaxing environment as you swim. With a 3:3 buoyancy rating, the wetsuit is highly durable and delivers a large amount of resistance to keep you as buoyant as possible. Whether new to triathlon or open water swimming, you can now have a HUUB! Fabric Content: 80% Neoprene/ 15% Polyamide/ 3% metallized fiber/ 2% Cotton
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