7Mesh S2S Jersey SS Men's

7Mesh S2S Jersey SS Men's
  • Color: 2 Ball Blue
  • Color: Black
  • Color: Ember
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The riding jersey, reinvented: protective, comfortable, and light.

Elastane (Lycra) is often used as a crutch. High-stretch fabrics make it easier for manufacturers to fit a wide range of body types using simple patterns. The elastic provides the versatility, and your body does the work of shaping the garment. But the real problem is that elastane is very hydrophilic – meaning it gets wet easily, stays wet (and heavy, and cold) for a long time, and reduces breathability and comfort.

We do extensive work to pattern our garments to fit properly in the riding position, minimizing the need for elastane. The S2S Jersey uses two main fabrics. A 4-way stretch woven nylon front panel (with limited elastane) provides excellent durability and creates a light buffer between you and the wind. The Omega knit polyester back panel is constructed with mechanically textured yarns that provide stretch without elastane. This fabric rapidly transfers moisture away from the body during hard efforts.

For storage the S2S Jersey has five rear pockets - three classic top loaders, and two horizontal loading pockets, each with a secure zip closure on the side. The zip pockets have buttonhole passthroughs to the inside for cable routing. The full length front zip provides venting, while the collar comes a bit higher at the rear to extend the sun protection of the UPF 50 fabrics. Both the waist and arm hems use a very thin high stretch gripper which keeps the jersey in place.