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ABUS Granit Plus 640 Mini Keyed Alike Sets

ABUS Granit Plus 640 Mini Keyed Alike Sets
  • Option: Keyed Alike U-Locks 2-pack
  • Option: Keyed Alike U-Locks 3-pack
  • Option: Keyed Alike U-Locks 4-pack
  • Option: Keyed Alike U-Locks 5-pack
$339.98 - $849.95
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Stop thieves in their tracks
The featherweight GRANIT Plus 640 U-Lock offers superb protection for high-value bicycles, even in situations where there is a high risk of theft.

Bad news for thieves: the GRANIT Plus 640 U-Lock offers superb protection against theft despite its diminutive weight. If you feel that every gram matters when you're buying a new bike, the wrong bike lock can play havoc with your calculations. But not the GRANIT Plus 640 U-Lock! This lightweight companion weighs in at a mere 860g, making it the perfect choice if you occasionally have to leave your bike in locations such as railway stations where the risk of theft is high. Intelligent technologies such as the picking-resistant Plus disc cylinder with automatic cover and Double Locking provide a high level of protection against tampering. The superior quality standard of the GRANIT Plus 640 U-Lock has been recognised in a great many different tests, with seals of approval awarded by OSIMZ (Russia) and test institutes in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Keyed alike convenience
Keyed alike locks allow you to operate several locks with one key, an option perfect for families!

- 12 mm hardened steel round shackle
- Double-bolted lock body technology
- Flat bolt ball locking mechanism for enhanced locking comfort
- Made of lightweight alloy and other light materials where possible for a weight-optimized lock
- ABUS Plus cylinder for high tamper and picking protection
- keyed alike sets with pack of u-locks keyed to matching keys
- 4x matching keys included with 2-pack of locks
- 6x matching keys included with 3-pack of locks
- 8x matching keys included with 4-pack of locks
- 10x matching keys included with 5-pack of locks